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The Deal

We have gained access to 30 hectares of land, very close to the center of Santa Teresa, at a major discount on the current market value. We want to share this resource with like-minded people, giving them the opportunity to acquire this land with us. Down the line, investors can build and manage their home with the help of Yoko Village, although this is not mandatory.

The land features up to 55 lots with an estimated 20-30 of them having a prime ocean view over Playa Carmen, one of the most popular beaches and surf spots in Santa Teresa.


Phase I – Lot with a Villa options

Phase I
Lot with a Villa options

Listed areas include deck, pool and garage.


Listed prices are for a lot and a villa combined.

Listed prices of villas include closing costs and development expenses.


Listed prices are with our Villa designs and fully managed construction by our team.


What is the difference between “ocean view” and “prime ocean view”?

Prime ocean view means that you have an ocean view together with an additional view. This could mean to the north or the south. It could also mean you have a 360-degree view, which allows you to see the sunrise when you look at the back to the east. Another qualifier for prime ocean view is a “changing picture”, which means that you can see the surfers/waves or beach.
An ocean view means that you just see the blue ocean. No breaking waves, no surfers, no additional views to the north, east, or south.


How many lots can I buy?
You can purchase as many as you want.


What is the minimum cost of buying in?
The minimum investment is $125,000 for a lot tucked into the jungle.


When do I pay and to whom?
Full payment is required immediately to secure your place in line for lot selection. This is an investment group, which allows members to choose lots based on the order of payments received. Payment is made through an Escrow company.


What is the expected timeline?
By December 15th, 2021, you will be able to select your lot(s) according to the order of investment. Once you have chosen your lot, you can submit construction blueprints for your home. We are happy to take care of all bureaucratic procedures for you.


When do I need to pay for the development costs?
6 to 8 months from purchase date.


If I buy a lot, can I sell it immediately?
Yes, you may sell your lot once your lot assignment has been confirmed. Additionally, you can also sell your rights at any point in the process.


When I purchase a lot, what exactly am I getting?
You’re getting a 5,000 sqm lot with an access road that is established with water, electricity and internet.

Feel the Yoko experience

First Come First Served Lot Assignment

At this time, the lots have not yet been divided (this will happen in the coming months). Right now, your investment will operate on a first come, first served basis for lot selection. Once the lots have been divided, each investor will be contacted in the order they came to select their lot. Once your funds have been accepted by the Escrow company, you will be handed your place in line for the lot selection. For the sake of transparency, we will use a simple Google Sheet, so that everyone who is buying in can see their place in line.

To summarize the opportunity

You can buy a lot with an amazing location at a major discount.

You can build a 150 sqm home for an additional $216K per home, with up to 2 homes per lot. A full financial plan is available. Leave us your details below and we’ll share it with you as well as additional information.

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